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Tulsa Roofing- From Tax Refund to Roof Repair

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Tulsa Roofing- As a homeowner, you might ask yourself, “What am I going to use my tax refund towards?” The answer could be that you want to put it toward your home for repair or enhancement.

If that’s the case, our Tulsa roofing company can help you prepare for a winter roof preparation and maintenance, so you can utilize your tax refund properly.

Winter Roof Prep

In order to use your tax refund for repairs and enhancements, your home should be winter ready. Why? Because you don’t want your roof or home to have unexpected maintenance come tax refund time.

Prepping your roof for the winter will require some maintenance. Making sure your roof is durable, waterproofed to its fullest, and shingles are intact will help get your home ready for winter. Some other important elements to look into are:

Maintenance kicks in when you’re fighting an ice dam or not proper roof ventilation. Not having the correct roof ventilation won’t allow for the moisture to escape your roof. With proper ventilation, it can help prevent damage to the roof and premature aging that is caused by moisture. If the moisture is trapped in the insulation, structural wood, shingles or roof deck, your roofing system could be looking at rot, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint and possible warped siding.

Having a plan before the snow or wintery mix hits your area, you will want to provide a year-round performance that will consistently ventilate without energy consumption. Without a proper roof drainage system, the water has nowhere to escape or snow build up, so it could sit up on your rooftop for days. This also can bring about damage to your roofing system.

Tax Refund

Following the steps and proper yearly maintenance above will allow you to use your tax refund for home enhancements instead of repairs or replacements.

What enhancements could be done to a home with a tax refund?

  • Copper accents that include finials, cupolas, chimney caps, vent hoods and more
  • A fresh paint job or siding replacement
  • Pergolas or fire pit in the backyard
  • New front entry way such as a front door, lighting, etc.

These are just a couple of things to use your tax refund towards rather than a repair cost, you would be investing into your home.

The importance during winter roof preparation and maintenance is to help prevent ice dams and improper ventilation before it’s too late.

If you’re looking into enhancing your home after tax season or need a repair on a roof vent or drainage system, give us a call today!

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Gutters Tulsa- Copper Accents

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Gutters Tulsa- The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Anything that draws attention for good reasons adds market value to your home. What else can adding on to your exterior achieve?

Most elements that are added onto an exterior are beneficial to the home as well. One of the most beneficial items to add to your home is copper gutters. Why copper gutters? Gutters Tulsa have more reasoning as to why choosing copper gutters are beneficial other than just being beautifully appealing to the eye.


Copper gutter systems are incredibly durable. The copper will withstand any sort of weather and will not weaken by rainfall or heavy storms.


The copper gutters Tulsa has a long-lasting life span compared to traditional guttering systems. Traditional gutters have to be replaced from time and time again, while copper ones will show zero signs of wear and tear after many years.

No Maintenance

What? No maintenance required for copper gutters? If you have copper gutters installed with gutter guards, there will be no hassle of retrieving leaves or debris in your gutters. In respect to that, there will be no maintenance required.

Beautifully displayed

Not only do they look stunningly beautiful, you will achieve a look that no one else has on the block. Copper gutters allow your home to have versatility, while matching the exterior of your home and style.

Green Phoenix gutters Tulsa can install and implement the copper accents of your choice that will provide durability and a reliable performance.

Along with copper gutters to accent and accentuate the exterior of your home, there are others ways to achieve outdoor greatness and beauty.

With the various outdoor living in Tulsa options, our team can construct nothing into something. For instance, if you have a dull and boring backyard, we can come and add some pizazz to it by creating a space to entertain. Entertainment options can mean anything of a fire pit to a seating area under a nice pergola or fencing to give the privacy you’re wanting to achieve. The possibilities are endless with outdoor living in Tulsa!

Another way to add value and beauty to the exterior of your home is by maintaining a nice curb appeal. Curb appeal can be anything from landscape to the roof of your home. Your roofing system is the most important as from a foundational standpoint. If you incorporate a neat looking roofing system such as a metal roof or slate roofing system, your home will gain the beautiful appearance it’s looking for along with energy efficient details.

There are a lot of different options you can do your home’s exterior to help it stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. Starting with copper gutters will begin a journey of transforming your home from boring to more exciting come the new year!

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Outdoor Living in Tulsa- Holiday Décor

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From interior lighted Christmas trees to stockings and garland, the inside of your home is completely decorated for the holidays. So, what about the exterior décor? Being the experts in outdoor living in Tulsa, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to welcome family and friends from the moment they park their cars.

When it comes to your outdoor décor for the holidays, there are many creative ways to express your seasonal spirit. The first idea is lighting the way for your guests. Not just lighting your bushes, shrubs, and trees, but using votive candles. Instead of the traditional paper bag, style it up with mason jars, Epsom salt, and a candle. It’s the perfect entry way that lines the walkway or front porch steps leading up to the front door.

The entry way is the most prominent area that guests will view when they reach your front porch area. What’s more welcoming than a holiday mat? Holiday mats that feature Santa Clause and his reindeer or snowflakes will be carried on throughout the inside of your home. It’s basically giving your home a preview of what’s inside.

During the holiday season, it’s not typical for Tulsa to receive much snowfall to make a snowman or snowball fight. So, how will you create a cute snowman to sit out front? Using a sturdy wooden base and wreaths, along with accessories, you’re capable of constructing a melt-proof snowman. It’s the perfect decoration for the exterior of your home and sets a warm and cozy feel with the greenery and outdoor aspects.

Brining the indoors to the outdoors can be implanted through greenery and garland. Having garland outside, you’re able to create an outdoor appearance by adding certain elements to your green garland. Twigs. Twig garland can bring the outdoorsy and rustic touch by layering the green garland with the twigs. Simply cut small branches the same length, and knot the twigs together with twine or yarn. Living in Tulsa, the Midwest, it will bring out the country living charm to your outdoor décor.

Are you still wanting to make your outdoors feel homier? Incorporating outdoor pillows and furniture will be more inviting for guests. The outdoor pillows and furniture will allow your guests to cozy up and sip on hot coco, and enjoy the snowfall. Some ideas on fabrics to use for your outdoor pillows are cotton, waterproof or even burlap if you know they are protected from water. Try stitching a cute reindeer or Santa hat!

One more idea for bringing the indoors to your outdoor living in Tulsa is ornaments. You can incorporate holiday ornaments on little trees placed within your front porch, in a wreath or even hanging from the porch roof. Having ornaments within the exterior of your home will bring warmth and joy for guests.

If you need a quick holiday fix-up for the outside of your home, try some of these tips that give a preview of what’s decorated inside.

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Tulsa Commercial Roofing- Flat Roofs

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Tulsa Commercial Roofing- Flat Roofs

If you own a business or big property, you’re going to want a strong and energy efficient roof above it. Our Tulsa commercial roofing can repair or replace your roofing system.

Whether you want to repair or replace your commercial roofing system, our team will help fix or resolve any issues you’re experiencing. We want to help protect your business, property and investments with a sturdy and reliable roof for years to come. Our team specializes in providing quality workmanship within the roofing industry for Tulsa commercial roofing. With the help of our crew, your business roofing system will be protected for as long as you own it.

Some of the services we offer for commercialized sites and buildings are:

  • Repairs
  • Leak and storm damage protection
  • Restoration
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof coatings
  • New construction renovations
  • Inspections/ maintenance

As for our Tulsa commercial roofing systems, we can use a variety of flat roofs for your business. We offer TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, and many coating options.


TPO roofing stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This type of roofing system gets attached and fully adhered through mechanical mechanisms. TPO features multiple advantages for commercial buildings such as fiberglass for reinforced strength, heat welded together for stronger seams, white coloring to reflect the sunlight, and superior puncture resistance. Being an EnergyStar rated flat roof, nothing will keep your business held up longer.


EPDM offers a rubber roofing system that is ballasted and mechanically installed. The two options are simply installed and use the same measures as the TPO installation. EPDM gives the building the benefit of adding onto due from the contour design. EPDM is lightweight, flexible, easy repair, UV resistant and very easy to install.

Modified Bitumen

The Modified Bitumen roofing system contains two methods of either APP or SBS. With the APP membrane, that is consisted of high quality of asphalt that is compounded to enable less foot traffic. With the SBS, it contains the high quality of asphalt and improves elongation, low temperature flexibility, and fatigue. Both methods use a propane torch or cold adhesives to install. You have the option of a smooth or granular surface.

For flat roofs, we recommend coating options during the install. Why? The coating options allows your roof to live longer and provide savings in the long run. Coatings provide extended roof life up to 15 years before replacement, reduced energy consumption which lowers utility and energy costs, and saves on materials and disposal costs.

Green Phoenix team offers the experience and knowledge within the Tulsa commercial roofing area, and we understand what it takes for a roof to be durable and reliable during Oklahoma storms. We won’t waste any time finding the best solution for your commercial roofing system or building. Our team stands beside you from start to finish on the project until you’re completely satisfied.

Give Green Phoenix-Tulsa Roofing Company a call today!

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Tulsa Roofing- We Can Help Build Your Project

Is your home lacking exterior curb appeal such as your roof, drainage and gutters or outdoor living space? With the help of our Tulsa roofing services and outdoor living expertise, Green Phoenix can transform your home’s exterior back to the safe and beautiful state you bought it.

As a homeowner, curb appeal is everything. Curb appeal showcases your home to everyone who passes by whether they be neighbors coming home or people visiting other folks on your street. You always want your home to be presentable and looked at. The only time you don’t want people to see your home is if you need a new roof.

A roofing system sets the tone and style of your home. If you’re missing shingles or if it’s worn out, it won’t allow for your home to embrace its beauty entirety. Also, missing shingles can cause leaks that could be causing interior damage such as eroding and mold. Having a malfunctioning roofing system isn’t good for the severe weather and winds that Oklahoma has every now and then, especially during tornado season.

It’s very important to rely on your roof in order to keep your family safe and sound during a severe storm. That’s why at Green Phoenix we use different materials such as asphalt shingle, metal, wood, and tile to create the right roof to build above your family. The style of the roofing system will depend on your budget, style, and warranties.

Our asphalt roofing systems come in various styles and colors to choose from, and are the most common traditional home roofs you’ll see anywhere. They come in lightweight and heavyweight shingles that give off different dimensions to the roof.

As for metal roofing systems, they are great for energy savings, beauty, and protection against your home. Metal roofs last a long time as well! If you go down the path of choosing a metal roof, in the long run you will be able to see your energy and utility costs lower. They are resistant to cracking, eroding, and extreme weather conditions, which is ideal for Oklahoma weather.

Another strong roofing system is slate tile roofing. It comes in various unique styles, colors, and types that resemble a Spanish roof. With the tile roofing system, you’re guaranteed a long lasting roof that provides eco-friendly features, low maintenance, and weather resistant to wind, hail, rain, and severe conditions.

Wood roofing is another residential roofing system that we offer to our customers. Wood isn’t as popular, but this roofing type gives off a unique and rustic look that no other shingles can provide. The weathered appearance of the tiles derives from the wood grain itself. If you’re wanting to bring out the natural beauty in your home, wood roofing could be your top pick!

Other exterior services in drainage and gutters, and outdoor living in Tulsa. If you’re wanting to spruce up the outdoor appearance to your home, give Green Phoenix a call today!

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Tulsa Roofing Company- Beneficial Roofing Systems

Tulsa Roofing Company- All over main streets in Oklahoma such as the old brick flat roof buildings are prevalent. These roofs deteriorate fast and you can spend a fortune to completely change roofs or destroy the buildings, which in some ares are impossible. Home or commercial building owners and historical societies look for cost effective ways to keep maintenance on these tiny pieces of history.

The solution is the Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System. SPF roofing system is a seamless barrier roofing System that insulates and waterproofs your roof to save energy costs. The roofing system will deliver all benefits including preventing leaks, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering utility expenses with a cool, white-reflective surface, stops water movement with the foam’s closed structure, simplifies repairs, and extends the life for new or a restored roof for years to come.

We can just come out once a year and spray new foam down which is so much easier then having to come around and re-tar and re-shingle the roof. It is also cheaper and quicker. SPF roofing systems have many beneficial elements.

SPF Foam insulates interior walls too. You can seal your entire building’s envelope by applying SPF system to your roof and interior walls. This will multiply the insulation benefits of the roof.

The spray just covers your roof and firewalls with a foam that quickly expands to cover and fill in cracks whether it is brick or concrete while placing a barrier over many roofs. With Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather patterns that tend to blow gravel and material off roofs revealing the tar underneath, and cracks allowing water through and into your building to cause puddles, mold, and other foundation problems.

The spray can be applied vertically with ease that quickly hardens. Many local companies have started to use the SPF roofing system as part of their services available so most people will be able to find a local company willing to come out and do it. We provide service agreements along with their warranty to keep your roof’s barrier up to date year in and year out.

Green Phoenix will take care of your repairs, roofing system and exterior without a problem. Our team holds an on-going conversation with our customers to keep in touch with certain details to provide the roof over your head. Our insurance claims specialists will help restore your home from any damage.

Contact us today for an in-depth inspection/ estimate in the Tulsa area and surrounding towns.

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Roofing Company- Overall Exterior

A good roofing company is not just about fixing or building a roof, they should strive to offer other services like gutters and drainage systems as well as other exterior items that will have your home stand out from your neighbors.

Green Phoenix is a great roofing company who can engage their customers about their extra services. The extra services cater to the roofing, gutters and exteriors.

Our service team professionals and roofing partners at Green Phoenix believe non-functional or rusty gutters are not only dangerous but  is also aesthetically unappealing. Green Phoenix can install seamless gutters to give you some functional water flow. Go seamless with our 6” seamless gutters to protect your home or go with traditional ogee gutters that are 5” that will still impress. All gutters are roll-formed on sight, and installed by professionally trained staff members. By unclogging any messy gutters and having them repaired, you’ll be prepared for the upcoming wet seasons.

Green Phoenix will even work to fix any drainage problems your house and yard may suffer from. Experts have shown that the Sooner State’s soil tends to deflect rain water instead of absorbing the majority of it. Standing water can lead to flooding problems as well as a magnet for mosquitoes.

They also offer other exterior items like copper decorations, cupolas and weather vanes. They can help any family with clever exterior design the reflects their personality and can compliment their interior design.

They also have been known to assist with carpentry, framing, siding, painting, fire-pits, landscaping, fencing, masonry and concrete.

They are located at 13330 South Memorial in Bixby. Visit for quotes and to check out all the services to help your home be the best it can be. Check out their gallery and check them on Angie’s List if you don’t believe me.

The serve Bixby, South Tulsa, Midtown Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Edmond, yukon, OKC, Moore, Norman, and more.

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