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Outdoor Living in Tulsa- Summer in OK

Whether you’re throwing a patio graduation party or wanting to create a backyard hangout spot, Green Phoenix can assist with your outdoor living construction.

Outdoor living is a key essential for most people and homes. It supplies you and your home with fun leisure activities and scenic views, while being outside.

There are various methods in creating what you want for your outside oasis. It all depends on your style and what you will be doing within that space. For exterior style, you’re choices are endless because of what nature already supplies you with, unlike a plain white canvas inside your home.

Different settings will obtain features that it can hold and will be useful within that space. There are various settings to work with when constructing an outdoor living oasis. You could be working with a spacious backyard or a small patio that sits on the sixteenth floor of a major city. No matter which space you’re working with, Green Phoenix can assist with ideas and help build a space that fits yours.

For a backyard, you may want to spruce it up for a specific celebration that will be running into nighttime. You may want a fire-pit, fireplace, pergola or fencing put up to add that extra touch to your backyard space. These extra essentials will add privacy and warmth on cool summer nights. Along with these useful outdoor living essentials, we offer exteriors such as decorative accents in copper along with other accents that appeal to the eye. Vamping up your outdoor living space with these essentials will make for a great backyard bash or hangout spot.

As for smaller patios and cityscape views, you could consider comfortable seating, some lighting and plants that bring life to the small space. This area could be painted as well with a stone or brick flooring to add more character. Smaller spaces can be fun to work with because adding a comfortable chair with pillows, a couple plants and a water feature can make for a relaxation place and unwinding place for after work. Not to mention the great scenery you get to experience up that high.

Along with creating a fun environment within a backyard or patio, you want to consider the materials you’ll be using for your outdoor living. Outdoor living has to consider the types of furniture and materials used because of wear and tear of the weather and environment. Choosing lasting materials such as plastics, metals, concrete and stones will save you from recreating the same scene after a few years.

Comfort is another huge aspect to outdoor living. If you have friends coming over or are throwing yourself a relaxing afternoon, you’ll want to lounge on something that is comforting. This includes the lounge areas equipped with pillows and cushions. Surrounding this area you’ll want to add shade for the hot days with an umbrella or pergola. For warmth, add fire-pits or electrical lamps.

Make your outdoor living a place that you can enjoy from season to season.

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