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Repairing or replacing your commercial roofing system

Green Phoenix wants to help protect your property, businesses, and investments. We specialize in providing quality workmanship and many years in the roofing industry. With our professional expertise in Tulsa commercial roofing, your commercial property will be protected for a long time.

Our services for commercial buildings are:

  • Leak and storm damage protection
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Roof coatings
  • Roof replacement
  • New construction
  • Inspection/ maintenance

Our experience and knowledge in the local areas of Tulsa allows our team to properly assess and inspect the roof. Our contractors won’t waste any time finding the best solution for your business and building. We’ll work closely with the business owner or property manger and your insurance, along with secure bonding and comprehensive warranty options to assure we stand behind everything we do from start to finish.

commercial roofing

As for our roofing systems for commercial sites, we use a variety of flat roofing systems.


TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is mechanically attached and fully adhered to complete your TPO roofing system. TPO comes with multiple advantages for commercial properties. TPO is fiberglass reinforced for strength, heat welded for excellent seams, white colored to reflect the sunlight, superior puncture resistance, smooth surface keeps it clean longer, and it is EnergyStar rated.

For a mechanically attached TPO roof, it involves a lightweight material that reinforces the existing roof making it cost-effective. If necessary, the membrane will be insulated and mechanically attached in order to protect against wind uplift. A fully adhered TPO roof is recommended to be fastened over existing substrate. The insulation is placed with hot asphalt to secure the insulation to the membrane or can be installed over insulation with conventional fasteners. This method is typically used on special configurations of domes and barrels.


EPDM is considered as the rubber roofing that is ballasted, mechanically attached and fully adhered. The ballasted method is a simple, economical roofing solution that accommodate averages of ballasted weight of 10 to 12 psf. It’s used for buildings that are considering building more height or contours to its design. As for the mechanically attached and fully adhered methods, the installation of the insulation is done the exact way as TPO. Some of the advantages for EPDM roofing is that it is lightweight, flexible, easily repaired, superior UV resistant, and very easy to install.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen contains two different methods of install: APP Motified Bitumen and SBS Modified Bitumen. The APP membrane contains a high quality of asphalt that has been compounded with Atatic Polypropylene polymer to enhance strength and reduce foot traffic. It comes in an assortment of colors and textures of smooth or granular. This method is easily installed and contains a propane torch or cold adhesives. As for SBS, it also contains a high quality of asphalt and is modified with Styrene-Butadiene polymer that improves elongation, low temperature flexibility, and fatigue. It also uses a propane torch or cold adhesives to install, and comes in smooth or granular surfaces with multi-color options. Modified Bitumen roofing systems are good for resistance to foot traffic, puncture and tear resistant, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Coating Options

Our variety of coating options creates both instant and long-term savings. They provide:

  • Extended roof life that increases your roof life up to 15 years before replacement
  • Reduced energy consumption that results in lower utility bills and energy costs
  • Saves on material and disposal costs

If your business or commercial site is looking at replacing or repairing your existing roofing system, give us a call today!



Commercial sites typically use more energy.

If energy efficiency is a must, check out EnergyStar for ratings, reviews, and roofing types!



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