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As a homeowner, wanting a roof that is durable, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts a long time, is ideal. Since Oklahoma produces strong winds and storms, it’s important to rely on your roof in order to keep your family safe. Using various materials such as shingle, metal, wood and tile to create the right roof for your home, it will depend on your budget, style, and how long you want your roofing system to last.

Asphalt Shingles

tulsa roofing

Our asphalt shingles comes in a variety of styles and colors. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing solution for residential homes. This type of roofing system is offered in three classes comparing weight, price and warranty. From lightweight to heavy asphalt shingles, they each display different characteristics and the way they are installed.

3-Tab Shingle is lightweight and lays down flat for the most common asphalt shingle. If you’re on a budget or are building a spec home, 3-Tab shingles will be the right choice with the long warranty. Architectural Shingles provide a dimensional affect with the multi-layered asphalt shingles. These shingles can handle more weather conditions than the 3-Tab shingle, and are visually more appealing from curbside. The heaviest asphalt shingle resemble the look of wood and slate roofing systems by providing a long-time warranty.

Flat Roofing

tulsa roofing

Flat roofing systems provide the strength and long lasting qualities you want in a roof. Flat roofing is also referred to as low-slope roofing. It’s used on many commercial buildings because it is a flexible, lightweight material made up of rubber and vinyl. This type of roofing system is resistant to damage, weather and flames.

Flat roofing is offered in various color options. White is the most popular color choice being that is an energy efficient roofing system that reflects the sunlight. This thermoplastic membrane includes strength, heat-weldable seams, and low maintenance. We provide an on-site  inspection and consultation for residential and commercial buildings. It includes: TPO, modified Bitumen, EPDM and a variety of coating options.

Metal Roofing

tulsa roofing

Metal roofing provides energy savings, beauty, and protection for your home that lasts a lifetime. Choosing a metal roofing system gives your home the overall use of energy efficiency with low utility costs and the resistance against cracking, eroding, and extreme weather conditions. It comes in various colors to choose from, and it can be made from recycled material.

Metal roofing systems are a valuable investment because the initial cost for this premium roof is higher than most roofing materials, but you’ll save in the long run. Most metal roofs lasts two to three times longer than the average asphalt roof. Metal roofing provides energy efficient matters to lower energy bills during the summer and winter with cooling and heating your home, along with making a great investment in your home. Between the beautiful variety of color choices, styles, and finishes, your home will benefit from an overall curb appeal presence.

Wood Roofing

tulsa roofing

Even though wood roofing systems are slowly phasing out and being replaced with more reliable materials, they still are being used and seen on homes. Wood roofing systems gives off a unique and rustic look that no other shingles can provide. The weathered look comes from fading of the wood grains. Wood roofs are still in the market for certain homeowners. If you’re into a rustic looking roof that brings out the natural beauty of wood, give us a call!

Tile Roofing

tulsa roofing

Slate tile roofing is the most heavy and expensive roofing system available. This type of roofing system is the most beautiful with the various unique styles, colors and types. The different types of tile roofing consist of concrete tile, Spanish tile, and slate tile roofs.

Tile roofing is very durable and lasts for a lifetime. Depending on your style of home, the roof will either make for a great contrast or blend in. Between the different tile roofing systems, they can provide eco-friendly features, maintenance free, and can go up against weather conditions of hail, wind, rain and other extreme conditions.

energy-star-partnerLooking at choosing the economical choice for your home? Look into EnergyStar to view these types of roofing, ratings, and energy efficient features.







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