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Stay dry and safe this rainy season and storm season with a durable roof. Tulsa roofing company offers great roofing services and has been awarded with the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

Since Green Phoenix has been awarded the Super Service Award 2014 for Roofing and Remodeling, we’d love to help provide a safe and functioning roof over your head.

It’s not fun walking into a room that has a leaking room or water damage. No one wants to catch dripping water into a bucket. It’s also not fun walking outside and seeing half of your shingles and roof gone after a big Oklahoma storm. We can fix it!

No more buckets and no more roof worries.

With having Oklahoma being in the mid-west, it tends to get heavy winds over the flat plains. Since there aren’t many mountains and hills, the wind can easily pick up in a flash. Along with the winds, Oklahoma gets hit badly with other rain storms and tornadoes.

Since our area of service is roofing and remodeling, Angie’s List displays different deals on their website for our roofing services.

Roof Maintenance Package

If your roof is only in need of maintenance work, we offer a package at the cost of $99 (retail value $375.00). This package includes a roof inspection, minor roof repairs, caulking exposed nail heads on flashing, resealing around any unsealed pipe collars, exhaust fan, vents, and chimney flashing up to four penetrations, also any other general maintenance work you need for your roof.

-We check interior leaks if noticeable from the exterior of your roofing

-You can provide us with pictures before we show up for a summary report and estimate

New Roof with 3-D Architectural Shingles

Has your home been effected by a bad storm and needs a total remodel? Are your shingles out of place and half gone? We offer a great deal on Angie’s List for a new roof with 3-D architectural shingles at a price of $4,975.00.

It covers up to 2,500 square feet of shingles and comes in a selection of brand-name shingles in a variety of colors to choose from. We will construct a complete tear-down of one layer, install a new 15 pound felt paper and install with standard shingle nails.

-25 year warranty

-We completely clean up and haul-away all the debris and nails after the work

Green Phoenix wants to make sure you’re getting the roof and service that you pay for and deserve. Angie’s List is the place to get hooked up with our Tulsa roofing service deals. You can also write and read reviews.

It is crucial finding the correct contractor that is able to do the work. Green Phoenix the Tulsa roofing company builds with sustainable and durable materials. It’s going to be an investment, so it’s an important decision to make when choosing roofing companies in Tulsa.

Connect with Tulsa roofing company on Facebook and Twitter for our recently worked projects and roofing services we provide.

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