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Tulsa Roofing Services- Drainage

The state of Oklahoma and the city of Tulsa has seen tremendous rainfall for the past two weeks. This rainfall comes from heavy severe storms and the recent cold front that has been blowing through the states. This weekend looks like we’ll get hit again with thunderstorms and severe weather, which means rainfall. Tulsa roofing services might want to be considered in order to drain the water that will build up.

With all of this rainfall, Oklahoma has been in and through flash flood warnings and watches. Different parts of the state have seen serious damage done from tornadoes and severe storms. Flooding is a huge issue since the ground is mostly flat throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Not much drainage is able to escape areas, so the areas such as towns, parking lots and other areas get flooded with water and it turns into a trap. What if you had a better drainage system? This could solve some problems from storms that carry a good amount of rainfall.

With Tulsa roofing services available, Green Phoenix can help resolve the standing water and seeping water that leaks into garages and low-rise areas. Nobody wants to see water damage or water build up within their home or surrounding areas.

Oklahoma is known for its extensive amounts of reds (which is the type of clay that the ground is made up of) that tends to deflect instead of absorb water. Deflecting the water arranges for the water to sit on top of the foundation rather than absorbing it. This damages the landscaping, driveways, patios and sometimes the foundation of your home.

Other issues relating to water damage and drainage is leaking happening within your home. Whether it be a leaky pipe, hole in your roofing or gutters that aren’t properly installed or affective can cause drainage issues.

Tulsa roofing services from Green Phoenix provides gutter services as well as drainage. Seamless gutters are the newer kind of gutters that protect your home without any problems. They add value and beauty to your home, which should reflect your home at all times because who wants to have an inefficient and not-so pretty home? We can unclog, clean up and repair the gutters for the upcoming seasons that bring a lot of rainfall. Incorporating the seamless gutters will resolve some of the drainage issues for your home and garage.

Properly installing gutters and drainage is highly recommended and important when you live in Oklahoma. You always want to be prepared for the storms and rainfall that come with it.

Don’t find yourself scooping unwanted water from your garage or first floor of your home. You also don’t want to lose anything valuable from a flood. You want to be prepared by using Tulsa roofing services that Green Phoenix offers to customers.

If you think you’re gutters need an update and aren’t properly draining well, give us a call and we can give you a free estimate. Drainage is very important, so stay dry and out of the mess.

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